3 Great Reasons to fit a RoadHawk in car black box camera.

install a roadhawk in car camera
Installing RoadHawk

3 Great Reasons to fit a RoadHawk in-car camera

1. Clarity of evidence:
The main aim of a RoadHawk in-car camera is to help provide clear and unquestionable evidence as to how the accident in question took place. A story backed up by clear video footage can go a long way in substantiating your side of events if you are not at fault.

Therefore, the chances of having to share liability when it is difficult to pinpoint who is at fault are significantly minimized.

2. Potentially faster resolution processing:
The presence of video footage can speed up the claims settlement process to quite an extent. This is because the insurer can directly evaluate the video clip to build a clearer picture of the accident being investigated.

This means that relatively less time may be spent on interviews, investigations, evaluations and arguments.

3. Shield against false & exaggerated claims:
A video recording from an in car black box camera can be an irrefutable piece of evidence against false or exaggerated claims from third parties. It also enables insurers to penalise bad drivers who have managed to escape with only a part of the blame.

These benefits make the in-car camera an extremely sensible investment that can help safeguard one’s driving record from unfortunate mishaps.