5 essential tips for driving in strong winds

FEB17027 - Windy Driving Icon_FBWith Storm Doris currently battering the UK and wind speeds reaching up to 94mph in certain parts of the country, we have compiled a list of tips for driving in strong winds.

1) Prepare for your journey

With a high risk of being involved in traffic due to accidents and blocked roads, it is essential your car has everything you need in case you get caught up. Ensure you carry a supply of warm clothes, food, water, and a mobile phone. Before you set off, make sure you avoid traffic by planning your route and listening out for traffic updates on your local radio station.

2) Overtaking

Stay alert when overtaking other vehicles, especially large vehicles such as HGVs and vans as they are more susceptible to being blown into different lanes or overturning. Ensure that you are 100% safe to overtake before attempting the manoeuvre.

3) Slow down and hold tight

When travelling at high speeds, handling and braking can be drastically affected. Driving more slowly means that unexpected gusts do not take you by surprise, giving you more time to react.

4) Parking

Ensure you park in a safe place. Trees can easily be blown over along with signage and roofs that can easily be dislodged in high winds. When in a car park, try to leave a large enough gap between your vehicle and other objects as strong winds can cause car doors to be blown wide open causing damage to vehicles.

5) Concentrate

By concentrating fully on the road ahead, you can see where other vehicles may be being blown off course, allowing you the time to prepare to be affected by the same conditions. Keeping a safe distance behind the car in front of you also allows you to stop safely.