DC-1 Dash Cam TechRadar Review 4 stars out of 5

RoadHawk Dash Cam – TechRadar rating 4 stars out of 5

The technology specialists over at TechRadar tried out the forward facing RoadHawk dash cam recently. Here’s an overview of their expert opinion.

Using a dash camera to log your driving in the event of an accident is an increasingly popular pastime but the forward facing Roadhawk DC-1 camera takes the concept of in-car black box to another level.

Put simply, the Roadhawk DC-1 dash cam might turn out to be the difference between keeping or losing your no claims bonus. It might even make the difference in a serious road-accident related court case.
Several benefits come out of this. You’ve a log of exactly what happened in the event of an accident, for starters.

Dash Cam Roadhawk DC-1 Fitted
Dash Cam Roadhawk DC-1 Fitted

Roadhawk DC-1: What’s it like?

Compact and fairly discreet, the ideal mounting position for the RoadHawk DC-1 forward facing dash cam is probably behind the main rear-view mirror. Power comes from a standard cigarette lighter adapter, but you can also hard wire it to the car’s power circuit and cut down on the cables. Not an expensive job and well worth doing, we reckon.

The Roadhawk DC-1′s safety aspect is covered by automatically recording when the car is started. It records in a constant loop of up to six hours and has an emergency button to protect files from being overwritten. You can also set the Roadhawk DC-1 to protect data when the g-force sensor detects an accident or impact. Obviously, this isn’t a feature we were fully able to test.

RoadHawk DC-1: Verdict

Once you’re up and running, the auto record and accident features mean you can leave it to do its thing and basically forget about it. That’s critical as you can be sure the one time you really needed to have it running, is the one time you’d forgotten to set your camera to record.

You can get black box apps for phones, of course. But the Roadhawk DC-1 dash cam is a more permanent solution that can be hard wired for constant power supply and do everything without you ever needing to think about it. All told, it’s a great way to protect yourself on the road, though it’s worth pointing out that it will record your own bad driving just as efficiently as everybody else’s. But then maybe the knowledge that it’s all being recorded will encourage you to behave a little better behind the wheel.

For the full RoadHawk DC-1 dash cam TechRadar review check out their website.

RoadHawk dash cam software
RoadHawk dash cam software