Shocking dash cam footage of a car driving the wrong way down the A30 in Cornwall


Dash cam footage has recorded the moment that a Nissan Micra drives the wrong way on the A30 in Cornwall and narrowly misses an on coming vehicle.

The footage was recorded on Tuesday morning  on the eastbound A30 between Chiverton Cross and Camborne.

Jimmers Thomas, the driver who recorded the footage, managed to swerve sharply to the right and avoid the oncoming driver.

Jimmers of Penzance, told the Sun: “This little car bumbled past obliviously.”

“I was very lucky to meet it by a layby where the road was wider, it’s unbelievable that nobody was hurt.

“Half a mile up the road I saw the police traffic car heading towards the scene, so I knew it would be stopped one way or another.”

Police told the Sun that a 58-year-old woman was arrested, and has since been bailed until 24th April.