Dash Camera Review – The Sunday Times

Dash Camera Review – The Sunday Times awards the RoadHawk HD ‘Best for Image Quality’

The Sunday Times Motor supplement recently reviewed a range of dash cameras and awarded the new RoadHawk HD the best in-vehicle camera for image quality. Employing the A5S ambarella chipset and electronic image stabilization (EIS) the RoadHawk HD produces the sharpest and smoothest video quality in all lighting conditions.

The RoadHawk HD was commended on its ‘extremely clear picture, even when shooting fast-moving objects, helped by the camera’s wide 135-degree field of vision and excellent resolution in the dark.’

The Sunday Times Dash Camera Review

The Sunday Times Dash Camera Review


The RoadHawk HD is the first dash cam on the market to be fitted with full EIS to give drivers the smoothest video, even on the roughest of road surface. We also added a faster GPS receiver to produce an ultra-fast lock on time and to further increase the GPS accuracy.

Just like our most popular RoadHawk camera, the DC-1, the RoadHawk HD saves ‘event’ files when the internal g-force sensors detect an impact to the vehicle or when the emergency ‘E’ button is pressed.

The Sunday Times Motor Supplement Verdict

Don’t just take our word for how good the RoadHawk HD is, The Sunday Times concluded ‘Verdict Captures incredibly crisp detail, even on dark and rainy days.’

RoadHawk HD 1080P Dash Camera

RoadHawk HD 1080P Dash Camera

All RoadHawk cameras are supported by a full 2 year warranty and UK based after sales support team.


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  1. ian grant says:

    great pictures even in the dark. The chimes on mine stopped working after about 4 months…Thank god!!!

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