Impatient drivers shamed for driving on pavements

One of the UK’s largest waste collection companies has launched a campaign to shame impatient drivers who drive on pavements.

Biffa has launched their Stop DROPs (Driving Recklessly on Pavements) campaign to highlight the dangers that motorists pose to their waste collectors and the general public when mounting the kerb to pass collection vehicles.

In a video posted to their YouTube account, Biffa has included footage from onboard cameras to showcase just a fraction of the reckless driving encountered by their workers on a daily basis.

Biffa handle 10% of household waste collections in the UK and their drivers are currently reporting around 3,000 incidents of reckless driving per month, a staggering number only accounting for just 1/10th of the industry figure.

Lawrence Emerson, Biffa’s Head of Health and Safety, said: “The issue is far, far greater than the industry, or the public, could ever possibly imagine.

I joined Biffa in 2015 from an aviation background, so I am used to high risk workplaces. When I went out with our crews on their collections, my jaw was on the floor – I could not believe what I was seeing and the danger the crews were facing every day due to reckless drivers.

The careless behaviour of drivers has been accepted by our staff as ‘part of the job’. Up until recently, they rarely reported such incidents to their managers let alone the police.”

In an attempt to tackle the problem, Biffa is now in collaboration with the police, has introduced clearer hi-vis marking and resident awareness campaigns, and has fitted all of its trucks with 360-degree cameras to record incidents of dangerous driving to aid the police in prosecution.

Since a new prosecution system was introduced by Biffa and Staffordshire Police Force, figures (Oct 2016) show a marked improvement with 1/3 of 300 reported incidents of reckless driving by Biffa staff led to the prosecution of drivers