RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera Firmware 1.04

Firmware for DC-1 RoadHawk Cameras
Firmware for DC-1 RoadHawk Cameras

There are no further updates available for the DC-1

We have just released an update for all RoadHawk DC-1 cameras purchased before the 1/1/2011. Any camera purchased after that date will have the latest firmware already installed.

Version 1.04 firmware adds video output capability to the DC-1. So you can connect a video cable and get a LIVE video output from the camera to just about any in car TFT screen or monitor.

We have also enabled the emergency button when the camera is in “infinite” mode. So you can now manually create events using the emergency button. Upon pressing the emergency button the DC-1 dash camera will save a 20 second clip (before and after) the event and this will not be overwritten by normal driving.

Also added to version 1.04 is better stability when using a range of SD memory cards. ┬áIf ever you find your camera’s LEDs do not go out after a few seconds when powering down then you should update the camera.