RoadHawk in car black box camera systems

As the driver of a vehicle, from your seating position you can usually see what is going on in two directions simultaneously at any given time. You can see out of the front windscreen, over the bonnet and sides of your vehicle and also the rear your vehicle, via the rear view mirror.

RoadHawk’s latest generation of in car cameras, using dual channel  camera technology, can also help to monitor these two directions at the same time, acting as a second set of driver’s eyes. These two channel cameras have one camera monitoring the road ahead and a second one within the same unit that records inside the vehicle and even outside the rear windscreen. As with all systems within the RoadHawk range they are designed to provide evidence in the event of an accident and help exonerate blame between two parties.

These compact units sit discreetly behind the rear view mirror and are unnoticeable. RoadHawk systems also use GPS chipsets that also log location and automatically set the time and date from satellites, making the systems very simple to use and providing essential information in the event of an incident.

RoadHawk black box camera systems also automatically overwrite data when the memory is full ensuring the latest data is always available. After an incident occurs, the driver can remove the SD Card and download the footage. Video and supporting data can then be passed on to the relevant authorities, such as the police or the driver’s insurance company.

The systems are becoming ever more popular with drivers wanting to protect their vehicles while on the roads and also while left unattended. All in all the RoadHawk systems are a great new technology that is warmly welcomed by car lovers and drivers worldwide. What’s more dual in car camera systems are now relatively inexpensive and a decent system can be purchased from as little as £295. This is relatively little to pay to protect your no claims bones and ensure that your vehicle is protected at all times whilst on the road. More info on RoadHawk black box cameras