RoadHawk Dash Camera Testimonial

‘Knowing the uncertainty & conflicting reports a motor vehicle accident causes and seeing first-hand how the evidence from them can be used in court, modern ‘Black Box’ video dash cameras are an essential technology for any driver wanting to protect themselves whilst out on the roads. The video and supporting data reputable systems capture have allowed us to resolve road traffic incidents efficiently and effectively, particularly in the absence of reliable witness statements. We were able to convict a cash for crash syndicate, following a staged accident caught on a RoadHawk camera and the evidence from such cameras is proving invaluable in putting a stop to fraudulent insurance and personal injury claims (which cost the UK insurance industry millions of pounds each year) as well as offering a true factual account of events leading up to an accident, meaning innocent drivers are mitigated of blame’.

Steve Rounds AMSOE, AMIRTE Police Constable 5610, CMPG Trainer, All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport, British Transport Advisory Consortium, National Secretary to Operation Stammtisch, Secretary to Midlands Roads Policing Regional Strategic Group, ACPO Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Group, Central Motorway Police Group


RoadHawk Insurance Camera Testimonial

‘RoadHawk cameras are an invaluable source of information when dealing with a claim, they help us  to establish the circumstances and in many cases have helped clear clients drivers of responsibility for the accident’

Helena Stubbs, Claims Liaison Manager Towergate Insurance - Motor Division


RoadHawk Fleet Cameras Testimonial

‘We feel the Roadhawk cameras have already paid for themselves by proving liability in accidents in those cases where the company driver is at not at fault, but which would otherwise be settled on a 50-50 basis for lack of evidence. The cameras give us clarity about what happened. It will also prevent fraudulent claims which have become a big problem in the UK’.  

Stuart Collett, Fleet Manager FPS Distribution.


RoadHawk Private Hire In Car Cameras Testimonial

‘Feedback from the chauffeur industry, told us of their concerns on the rising costs on insurance claims and combatting fraudulent motor accident claims. As part of the new Volvo chauffeur programme, we decided to enhance our own innovative technologies with the RoadHawk HD on-board camera, to support the chauffeurs with a means of evidence and a deterrent for the bogus road users’.

Kay Saunders, Campaigns Manager- Volvo Car UK Limited


RoadHawk Cycle Safety Camera Testimonial

‘We deal with cases all the time where drivers don’t stop or blame the cyclist because “they’re just a cyclist.” Headcam video evidence from a cyclist’s RoadHawk Ride can be an invaluable tool in proving who is at fault, winning a case and saving many a cyclist from hefty medical and legal bills following an incident’. ­

Levenes Cycle Injury Solicitors


RoadHawk Reviews

  • ‘Starting at less than £200 this is an investment that could pay for itself many times over. 9/10 Highly recommended’.

Pocket GPS World Editor Darren Griffin.


  • ‘This is an excellent product, and ideal for operators who want the benefits of a camera system without the outlay. What it offers – in terms of the ‘black box’ data and automatic Google map link – means that it’s more than just a camera’ RoadHawkDC-1 

Route One May 2012


  • ‘The RoadHawk HD is a very impressive package. The camera delivered smooth, clear images, and the software works on Macs and PCs’. RoadHawk HD

8th May 2013 Auto Express


  • ‘This camera is so tiny (32g) I barely noticed it attached to my helmet. The quality of the footage is fantastic, with smooth wide-angle video in High Definition’. RoadHawk Ride

Cycle Magazine Apr/May 2013, The magazine of CTC – The National Cycling Charity


  • ‘Protect your licence and no-claims bonus with this in-car recording device. It films the view from your windscreen in MP4 format, with audio and has built-in GPS, enabling the exact speed and location of your car to be logged at all times. 4 out of 5’.

RoadHawk DC-1 T3 Magazine Apr 2012


  • 4 out of 5 stars’ RoadHawk Ride

Motorcycle News Feb 2013


  • this has to be on your list of must-haves, it really will be money well spent’.

Mercedes Benz Club Magazine


  • ‘one way of helping protect firms from paying out after bogus claims is to employ drive recorders in vehicles, which can provide clear evidence to clear a driver of negligence in the form of video and audio footage of the incident, alongside satellite and G-force data. RoadHawk’s new DC-1 camera does all this’. RoadHawk DC-1

Trucking Magazine Oct 2011