Download RoadHawk RH-2 Software

RoadHawk RH-2 Software Download:

Please note: RH-2 software is windows compatible ONLY.

The RoadHawk RH-2 camera produces encrypted files which may only be viewed using the supplied viewing software (PC only)
Once you have installed the software it is very easy to review your video and export as a standard AVI file.

roadhawk rh-2 software player





















roadhawk rh-2 google map
Map Display from the RoadHawk RH-2 Dash Camera

The map display is fully scaleable. You can choose Map, Satellite or Hybrid views.
By double clicking in either of the two video windows you can enlarge them to full screen.


Rh-2 settings
RoadHawk RH-2 Settings Window


Video Quality: Set the video quality recorded by the camera (the higher the video quality, the less video the SD card can hold)
G-Sensor Sensitivity: Set the sensitivity of the G-Force sensor for creating EVENT files
Audio Recording: Disable or Enable the internal microphone on the dash camera
Pre-Recording time: Choose how much video is stored when the camera detects an EVENT
Disable Event Record: Removes the ability to erase EVENT files using the buttons on the camera
Password Setting: Set the password to prevent the files being viewed without entering a password
Time Zone: Set the local time zone for the camera
Unit of Speed: Choose between KPH, MPH or KNOTS
Number of Vehicle: Enter the vehicle registration to be displayed on the recorded video