Download RoadHawk Ride R+ Software


User Manual: - The user manual is embedded within the configuration software for the camera.
You can also view the online version of the manual HERE 


To change the settings you need to plug the camera into the computer and launch the camera software.

When you first turn your camera on it reads a file on the SD card called settings.txt
Do not try to edit this file yourself. 
Use the supplied software to make changes to your camera.

WARNING: If you use extreme values on some of these settings, the camera will not perform well.
For example: Setting the brightness too low will result in a completely black image being recorded.

Click SETTINGS in the configuration software.

Click to make a change to a setting and a brief explanation will show on the left side describing the functions of that setting.

Once you have made the desired changes to the settings on your camera, press the SUBMIT button to save them to the camera.
Unplug the camera and turn on to apply the new settings.

Setting the time/date:

The camera has a built-in clock. 
If you enable time/date stamp in the settings it will be recorded in the lower right corner of your video.
Once you have made a recording with the time/date.

To set the time and date on your camera, click the Set Time link in the top right hand corner of the software.

Use the drop down boxes to choose your own time and date and click Set as Above to apply them to the camera.

Alternatively, click Set as System Time to apply the time and date as set by your computer.

As soon as you have done this, a Settime.txt file is written to the SD card of the camera. Unplug the camera and turn it on to apply.