Software Errors

Help with the RoadHawk Software

DC-2, HD, HD-2

If the software is unable to see the SD Card or the software hangs on indexing on a MAC.

Please ensure you have installed the software correctly – Open the downloaded roadhawkHD2.dmg file, when the install box opens, drag the RH logo to the Application folder logo, delete the .dmg file, and open the software from your applications folder.

If the software hangs on indexing, is unable to play a file or reports a stream error.

Please format the SD card to clean the problem data from it, then check for the problem again. Please note that SD card over 64GB may take a while to index, dependant on your PC’s specifications.

       (Format Guide - Full Format is recommended)


RoadHawk Vision

The RoadHawk Vision will not connect to my phone

Ensure that the wifi switch on the side of the camera is on and that the wifi of your phone or tablet is on. Select your camera from the list of available networks (RH_Vision_xxxxxx) and enter the password if needed (default password 12345678).  Open the RH Vision app. If the device is recording you will need to stop this before you can access any of the settings.

If the password will not work, forget the RH_Vision network and start from fresh

The RoadHawk app will not connect

Ensure your mobile device is connected via Wifi to the Vision, connect to the Wifi first then open the app.

If the app fails to connect then completely shut the app down.

iPhone - double tap the home button then swipe the RH app up to close

Andriod - Launch the recent applications menu - Find the RoadHawk application on the list by scrolling up from the bottom - Tap and hold on the application and swipe it to the right.

If this fails then reset the wifi on your phone and reconnect to the RoadHawk Vision and try again.


PC / MAC requirements

We recommend a minimum of 2GhZ dual core processor and 4GB of RAM is used for playback in the software and media players. For the RoadHawk HD-2 a 64bit processor is required.

Software Compatibility:
Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit) – HD-2
Windows Vista, 7, 8:  DC-2  / HD / RH-2 /  DC-1 / Ride R+
Mac OSX – HD-2 / HD /DC-2 /Ride R+

Please Note: Ride R+ software does not perform video playback, it is for camera settings and updates.
Firewalls can block the installation of the software, if this occurs we recommend disabling the firewall briefly and then check the software again; if the issue is resolved you will need to grant permission for the software in the firewall setup.