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Frequently Asked Questions:


I cannot see Google Map display when playing back the video on computer?

• Anti virus software and some firewalls can block the RoadHawk viewing software from talking to Google Maps. Go in to the settings of your virus software and ensure RoadHawk is not being blocked.

• The computer must be connected to the internet to show the Google map.

My camera creates lots of "Event" files?

• Vehicles with hard suspension or if the quality of the road surface is poor then the camera will naturally make a lot of "Event" files. This is normal operation for the camera and should be of no concern.

• You can change the sensitivity of the camera in the setting menu using the RoadHawk software.

• If you do not want the camera to make these "Event" files you can put the camera in to "infinite" mode using the software. "Infinite" mode will record video on a constant loop but will not create "events".

There is a reflection of the windscreen on the video?

• This can happen if the lens is too far away from the windscreen. The adhesive mount works best for getting the lens as close to possible to the glass.

• Ensure the windscreen is as clean as possible. Be aware that filming directly into the sun can reduce video quality.

The time on video is incorrect?

• GPS enabled cameras obtain time and date from the GPS signal. The camera needs to lock on to GPS before it can set the correct time/date.

• You must set your time zone using the settings menu in the RoadHawk viewing software.

• The software doesn’t allow for the difference between Daylight Savings and British Summer time. This needs to be activated manually via the software.

• On non GPS enabled cameras, the time and date is set manually using a text file.

• Setting the time & date can be found in your user manual.

The camera continues to record even when I turn the ignition off?

• Some vehicles have accessory sockets that remain LIVE even when the ignition is off. In this case, you should remove the power cable from the socket when you are not using the vehicle.

• Hard wiring kits are available should you want to have the camera wired to the ignition of the vehicle.

There is no audio on playback?

• Ensure the audio is enabled in the settings and the SD card in good condition. A format of the SD card is recommended if it is enabled and remains silent

I cannot view the video?

• Are you using the correct software? – for example the RH-2 files need the RH-2 software to view the files.

• You can download any of the RoadHawk software from the RoadHawk website.

• For RoadHawk Ride R+ we recommend using FREE software called VLC to view your video files. This can be downloaded from videolan.org

Sending video files to third party.

• If you need to send video files and are unable to use you Email serve, you can use the web based file transfer here www.wetransfer.com

I cannot send the footage to the insurer / broker as it was overwritten?

• For cameras with G-force sensors, have you checked both the normal recording and event files for the footage?

• It is the responsibility of the insured to ensure the card is removed as soon as possible. If you believe the data may be overwritten, power down the camera and remove the memory card  then use a spare card for the rest of your journey.

How do I know which camera best suits my needs?

​• You can download the RoadHawk camera comparison chart here