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Five Ways That Cheap Fleet Cameras Could Cost You Money
Fleet Cameras

There is a huge array of dashboard cameras on the market today, with massive variations in price and quality. If you are investing in dash cams for your fleet, our top tips can help you avoid costly mistakes.

1.       Footage clarity

Cheap cameras often provide lower-resolution footage. The clarity of the video can be vital when it comes to determining the cause of an accident – so if you’re investing in fleet dash cams, don’t scrimp when it comes to high resolution.

2.       GPS Tracking

GPS cameras are crucial to providing the precise location of an accident, as well as the speed of your company vehicle prior to impact. Make sure that you invest in GPS dash cams for complete peace of mind. Fleet cameras such as the RoadHawk HD, DC-2, and HD-2 models all have integrated GPS tracking, as well as speedometers.

3.       Lockable Box

Another must-have for fleet dashboard cameras is a lockable box. The Locking Box from RoadHawk prevents anyone from removing the memory card or the power cable from the camera, unless they have the supplied key. If you try to save money by not opting for lockable boxes, then you are enabling drivers, thieves, and unauthorised users to disable the camera’s recording capabilities.

4.       Multi-Cam

For commercial vehicle fleets, one camera per van or truck is often not enough. RoadHawk’s multi-cam system deploys up to four cameras to provide 360˚ visibility, which improves safety and reduces the risk of accidents. When combined with in-cab monitors, they help drivers to eliminate blind spots and keep an eye on secure loads. If your drivers are manoeuvring in tight spots, a multi-cam system could prevent costly bumps and scrapes. If they are driving in areas with a lot of pedestrians or cyclists about, then a multi-cam system could save a life.

5.       Customer Service 

Cutting corners on customer service is a sure-fire way to waste money. Look for a supplier that that has a proven track record in supplying fleet dash cams, like RoadHawk. This should include professional advice on the right products for your fleet, a strong warranty on your fleet dashboard cameras, and technical support. All RoadHawk cameras come with a two-year warranty and access to our UK-based customer support team. One of our national customers was so impressed with our product and service that they became a reseller – there’s no better endorsement.

Trust the Experts

With no subscription fees and no maintenance required, our cameras offer a great return on investment. They provide peace of mind, assist police and insurers in identifying the reasons behind any crash, and help you to save on insurance premiums. Contact us to find out more about how dashboard cameras could benefit your fleet.