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RoadHawk Ride R+ Cycle Camera

RoadHawk Ride R+ Cycle Camera - Support Portal

  1. Where can I download the software for the RoadHawk Ride R+?

    You can download the latest version of the software for the RoadHawk Ride R+ here:

    PC: Download

    MAC: Download

  2. Where can I download the user manual for the RoadHawk Ride R+?

    You can download a copy of the RoadHawk Ride R+ User Manual here.

  3. How do I install the RoadHawk Ride R+?

    Helmet mounting

    1: Choose camera location, usually side or top and select either the curved or flat tray mount to suit. Use the laser pointer to help align the camera, (it may help to have someone assist).
    2: Clean the area with soapy water and allow to dry
    3: If possible warm the adhesive pad in your hand, remove adhesive backing from the camera mount and place firmly on the helmet, without the camera on.
    4: Leave the mount to bond. Recommended bond time is 12 hours.
    5: Repeat the process if also attaching the additional battery pack to your helmet.
    6: Use the vented helmet or goggle mount or if required (Sold separately).

    Handle bar mount
    1: Use the supplied handle bar mount.

    Motorcycle mounting
    The tray mounts can be fixed to the framework, please note that the area will need to ne vibration free so fairings may not have enough rigidity; this can seriously affect the video quality and camera life. For more mounting options please contact our sales team who have access to a wide range of aftermarket fittings.

    Hardwire kit
    We recommend that you have the camera hard wired by an approved motorcycle auto electrician.
    If self-fitting: Please refer to your Motorcycles wiring diagram, (We cannot offer advice on how to wire the kit)

    Black - Neutral
    Red - Permanent live
    Blue - Switched live

  4. How do I pair the remote to the RoadHawk Ride R+?

    Ensure that the camera and remote control are charged

    Screw the remote receiver onto the back of the R+

    Power up the controller (green light will come on)

    Press the camera and video button together for 1 second (Green light changes to blue)

    Power the camera up (Green and blue will flash on the camera)

    Remote control will flash green and blue and the camera will be recording

    Press the video button for 2 seconds, the camera should vibrate 3 times and both lights will be green and the camera will be in standby

    The photo button will work only from standby, single press

    The video button requires a 2 second hold

    Turning the remote control off does not turn the camera off (you can reconnect)

  5. What are the three wires on the RoadHawk Ride R+ Battery Pack?

    The battery pack comes complete with 3 cables for connecting to the RoadHawk Ride R+ camera.

    1 x short - 35cm battery to camera
    1 x medium - 1.2m battery to remote/camera
    1 x long  - 1.5m battery to camera

  6. My RoadHawk Ride R+ will not power on or powers on then off (Internal Power):

    If the camera will not power up, please format the SD card as corrupt data and stop the power up sequence.

    If the camera powers up the turns off, check that the SD card is not full if you are not using loop mode. Double check that the camera is set to loop mode if using it. If not, format the SD card.

  7. My RoadHawk Ride R+ freezes

    If the camera powers on then will not operate, please format the SD card and press the reset button on the camera located above the mini USB slot on the back.